“A midwife is like a Swan…

gliding across the lake gracefully with not a care in the world but underneath the water, her feet are swimming at a million miles an hour”

What is a Midwife?

  • As Midwives we believe childbirth Is a natural process requiring lttte to no Interventions and rely more on the mother’s body’s ability to contribute to a healthy pregnancy and birth.
  • We work with you as an individual and welcome the partners to be part of the process.
  • We acknowledge that every pregnancy, woman and experience is unique.
  • We believe that most women can give birth naturally and can do it weII!!
  • Complementary therapies like homeopathy, aromatherapy, HypnoBirthing® acupuncture and chiropractic treatment are often used.

When Choosing a Midwife...

  • Choose your midwife carefully – look for a midwife who has the same values regarding birth as you do, who is qualified to provide the care you need, sensible and most of all who you TRUST.
  • Talk with your partner. Discuss everything from each of your needs, wants and expectations around the birth, to those following the birth.
  • Ensure you are comfortable in the environment you will be birthing – it does not help birthing at home if you are constantly fearful of complications, just as birthing in a hospital would not be good if you become tense and unhappy in the dinical environment.To give birth you need to be able to relax in order to overcome the pain, tension, fear cycle.
  • Explain to your partner ahead of time what you think you would like them to do massage, hold you, be in the water with you, etc. However prepare them for the fact that this may all change — some women love being touched in labour others cannot handle it, you will not know until the time comes.

“Women have been giving birth for centuries – and today their bodies are still awesomely designed for this very function.”