TLC Home Birthing Centre

South Africa has one of the highest caesarian section rates in the world.

Low risk pregnancies have always been the domain of the midwife. More women opting for natural birth as women become more aware of the options they have beside the word of the obstetrician. Obstetricians take care of high risk pregnant women and as a support to the midwives. There are only a handful of doctors that support midwives and normal births and we’re eternally grateful that there are still doctors who do!

Creating a Home Away from Home with some extras....

Doctors prefer caesarian sections for various reasons:

  • The main reason being that they lower their indemnity risk.
  • Reasons for caesarian sections ranging from the scheduling in their diaries, holidays (without saying it out right to the client).
  • Scare tactics like the baby is too big and baby turns out to be 3kg after the C/Section without CPD caused by the position of the baby rather than their estimated size on scan!
  • And some doctors will tell the ladies out right that they do not do normal births!

Very few doctors will actually site authentic obstetric reasons for a caesarian section.

The list can go on. But this is where a midwife led facility comes in. Midwives and Doulas are a breed of caring beings who do not look at the clock or holiday schedule, but the need of their clients. Yes! Clients, as pregnancy is not a disease or illness.
There is a desperate need for safe facilities that provide services for low risk pregnant women to give birth the way it was intended.

Our Objectives

To create an optimal maternity care service that treat every woman with respect and dignity, fully informing and involving her in decision-making about care for herself and her baby in language that she understands, and providing her the right to informed consent and refusal in serene surroundings to relax as they prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually for the profound experience of birth.

TLC Home Birthing Centre is a Birthing Facility providing reproductive services for women in the low risk category with the appropriate maternity care that addresses the normal physiology and psychology of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

  • Our clients are always treated with respect and compassion – a basic human right.
  • Attention to the client’s individual needs instills confidence in them and in their ability to give birth.
  • We provide an alternative to parents not comfortable with home birth, yet do not want to give birth in a hospital.
  • Our facility has many of the same advantages as home birth, such as greater parental control, non-interventive obstetrical care.
  • We offer personalized care at much lower costs than traditional hospitals.
  • Transfer to Linkwood Maternity Hospital in case of emergency (2 minutes away) or State Hospital depending on clients Backup Plan for Emergencies.

Services Offered

  • Midwife lead obstetric facility.
  • Backup Obstetricians to refer clients to once it has been established that the client is no longer low risk.
  • Backup Obstetricians sees low risk clients at least once during the pregnancy.
  • Dept. of Health Section 22A & Regulation 47-Midwife Permits.
  • Antenatal consultations throughout the pregnancy with reasonable 24hr availability of the midwife to the client for any concerns she might have.
  • Cardiotocography (NST).
  • Delivery as if she was in her own bedroom but equipped for emergency intervention and trained staff including a resuscitation area for her infant should the need arise.
  • Paediatrician on call to see baby after birth.
  • Postnatal care
  • Breastfeeding support and counselling or referral to a breastfeeding consultant.
  • Six week postnatal care includes Pap-Smear and Family Planning.


CREATING A HOME AWAY FROM HOME…..A perfect environment to nest and relax as you prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually for the profound experience of birth.

  • Two private rooms each with own toilet, bathroom facilities, & Jacuzzi birthing pool of which one room has
    its own patio area.
  • Infant resuscitation crib fully stocked with emergency equipment and supplies.
  • Rooms has a bar fridge to keep your snacks in during labour and tea & coffee making facilities.
  • Client to bring their own meals and is welcome to use the microwave in the kitchen. However we will serve a complimentary breakfast if delivered overnight.
  • Standard Stock and birthing supplies with portable oxygen and vacuum in each room.
  • Lounge area and patio for family while client in labour.