Women have been giving birth for centuries – and today their bodies are still awesomely designed for this very function.

Our service Offerings

  • Resident midwife at the TLC Home Birthing Centre.
  • Tender Loving Childbirth provides prenatal care, labour, delivery, postnatal care and general assessment of the new born.
  • A second Midwife is present at all births as per Regulations.
  • You may choose your own Doula to assist you in labour.
  • Encourage implementation of “Magical Hour” after birth.
  • Birth Preparation Classes encouraging moms to take charge of their own bodies and NOT to be an OBSERVER over what happens in THEIR BIRTHS & PREGNANCY!!!
  • Birthing at a Homebirth Facility at TLC Home Birthing Centre with birthing privileges at Linkwood Maternity Hospital & Genesis Clinic.
  • Perform and interpret Non Stress tests in consulting rooms.
  • Encourage HypnoBirthing® and use of Aromatherapy & Reflexology.

“Every baby only has one chance to be born – Make it the best, calmest experience you can!”