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After having a c section with our first son, we decided to look for a private institution to try for a natural birth. A friend of mine referred me to Sister Verina. She is truly a kind hearted lady and the centre is so warm and relaxing- a home away from home. She made giving birth appear like an easy process and instilled within us the courage we needed to be ready for the day. I took all the homeopathic supplements that she asked me to take and; did all the “HOMEWORK” she gave us, and they helped me a lot. I was fortunate enough not to have any complications or high blood pressure as I did with my first pregnancy. When it was time to birth I laboured for 5 hours . I am thankful that even though there were no guarantees to birth naturally after a c-section, Verina’s focus and attention helped us live out dream and birth our son naturally. What I know is that what Verina and her team of midwives and doulas do goes beyond work. It is a calling and a life given and Godly purpose. Their commitment and dedication to their work is beyond words…

Let me introduce myself, I am a mom of three, my youngest was birthed in June 2018 at the TLC Centre with Verina and Hazel. Having already had two natural homebirths with no complications, when I fell pregnant with my third baby there was no doubt that I would opt for the same for my baby. The issue with this decision was that my midwife, who I had birthed with before had emigrated and I now had to find a new midwife. Someone who I could feel comfortable with and also afford.

My first option was to have a look at the Genesis Clinic, so I went for their open day and met some of the staff and toured the facility. It is a wonderful place and my nephew was born there so it was a familiar place to me. However, as someone who does not have medical aid, it worked out very expensive. I was not prepared to opt for the semi-private option as that meant birthing with any midwife who was on call and I would not have been comfortable with that. I then searched their midwives, and reviewed all of them looking for midwives who birthed at alternate centres as I did not want to birth at home. (I do not have the space and didn’t want my children to be there when it happened as they are old enough to be traumatized) I found a few and went to meet them, I did not really gel with a few of them whom I had met however, when I met Verina, I immediately felt at ease. She was very easy going and comfortable, I could also sense that she is very passionate about her job and is truly dedicated to the profession. I met her once at the TLC centre and then toured the centre. I was impressed by the space, privacy and comfort that it offered. It was also reasonably priced which suited me. The centre is fully equipped to deal with any emergency and is in close proximity to the Linksfield clinic should the need arise. I did not have to think twice, I knew immediately that I was happy to birth there. As I was not a first time mom and had limited free time because I was still working full time till right before I gave birth, Verina was very accommodating with regards to my appointments, even though I brought my whole family along for almost all of them.
I had seen Verina on a monthly basis uptil 32 weeks and from then on I saw her every second week till 36 weeks and then once a week till the day I gave birth.

In the meantime I was referred to see Dr R Mia as a back-up and for him to give me the go-ahead to birth at the TLC Centre. I felt very comfortable with him and felt reassured that if all did not go well, I would still be in capable hands. Verina was fantastic with natural remedies, easy hacks as well as managing my pregnancy. This was my first experience with a care giver who spent so much time invested in the health of her patient.

During my other pregnancies, I did not see my midwife often, so this made a huge difference to me as I felt more taken care of. For two weeks before I gave birth, I had convinced myself that I was in labour, I messaged Verina almost every day telling her I was in labour (It was only Braxton hicks but to be honest I had forgotten what pain to look for) She was always very cool and calm which in turn calmed me down. Eventually, I stopped complaining about the pains and decided that I would just go into labour and surprise everyone. On the morning that I gave birth I went in for my weekly check-up. Verina realised that my mucous plug had come out, this had not happened to me during my other labours, she told me that she thought the baby would be here by the evening.
I went home and started a Harry Potter Movie marathon with my children and my niece who were on school holiday. I drank the jeera water and pills that she had given me to gently start my labour and then just relaxed the entire day. By 3.30pm I started getting pains that were quite strong, I sent her a message telling her that the contractions had started but were far apart, I waited till 4.30pm and then phoned my friend, asking him to come over and stay with the children. I then phoned my husband and told him to come and fetch me as I needed to go to the centre. We were very calm at that point and had decided to meet Verina at the centre at 6pm in order to miss traffic. By the time my friend came over, I was packing my bag and double-checking that I had everything I needed in between contractions, I even managed to chat to my sister and friend on the phone in the meantime!

I did not tell them that I was in labour… At 5.10pm I was standing in the lounge when my water broke, (Again this had not happened during both my labours) I started to panic as my husband was still not at home, I messaged Verina and she asked to go to the centre immediately. As soon as my husband drove into the yard at 5.30pm, My friend put my bags into the car and off we sped. I was having contractions every 2 minutes by that time and it was peak-hour traffic. I almost thought that I was going to deliver the baby in the car! We reached the centre at 6.05pm and immediately I went through to the birthing room that we had chosen, everything was ready for me. Hazel and Verina both helped to focus through the contraction and then checked me up, I was 8 almost 9 centimetres and had to stop myself from pushing. They did an internal and then told me that I could push with every contraction. Again this was a new feeling as my two previous labours were slightly slower and I only had my husband and midwife with me. This time I have two Midwives helping me and my husband was not sure what to do. Within 20 minutes of reaching
the centre, my baby was born. I had kept the gender a surprise and was happy when Verina held her up and asked me to see what the baby was!

I had a healthy baby girl, weighing 2.6kgs and already screaming her lungs out. She did well on her APGAR score and we were thrilled. Immediately, she was placed onto my chest for skin-to-skin. I had to get 2 stitches for a slight tear and then the cord was cut after it had pulsed. It happened so quickly that I just lay there, trying to process it.
An hour later after I fed her, Verina made sure that she had latched on properly and that I was comfortable, I left her and went into a shower, Verina helped me with this as I was sore from the labour and then I got tucked into bed. My friend brought over the children and my sister came to visit us as soon as I was done. I felt comfortable and at ease even though the baby was not even 3 hours old yet. That evening Verina stayed at the centre with my husband and I to help us with the baby in case anything happened, The support and caring that she showed really made a difference to the whole experience.
As a mother, it is important to receive that care and pampering after going through labour and I really appreciated it. The next morning I received breakfast in bed, and we honestly felt like we were at a bed and breakfast somewhere peaceful, it did not feel like I had just given birth.

The paediatrician came to check up the baby and gave me the all clear to take her home.
My sister in law came over to visit and we relaxed and chatted. Around 3pm we packed up and got ready to go home. Verina helped me to sort out my things and also to strap baby safely into the car seat and off we left. I stayed at my mum place for two weeks so I asked Verina to do her 3 day check-up after I returned home, she came to visit me and give the baby her vaccines. By that time even my stitches had healed, I felt fantastic and was happy to see her. The recovery from this labour was very quick and yes it was not my first born, however, I feel that having a midwife who availed herself all the time to me really played a part in this. The experience was wonderful, I loved birthing at the centre, it was so private and cosy. My bonding was easier with the baby which in turn made breastfeeding easier and transitioning into a mum to a newborn once again. Till today I chat to Verina often and send her pictures of my children. I will definitely tell my baby about her birth story when she grows up and let her know what a wonderful birth she had.
I am privileged to have had such a good experience and credit it to Verina for making this possible. Should I have another baby, there will be no question as to where he/she is delivered!

My little, or not so little anymore, beautiful girl, my 1st Genesis baby's name is:
Leah Van Dalen
Born: 10 March 2014
Our Midwife: Verina Song
My second, is my Angel Baby Boy…………….as you can imagine it is not the easiest to send a picture of
him and I do not have a recent photo, wish I could ask Heaven to please send one, but I know it is not
possible now. But I cannot exclude him, as he was a perfectly healthy handsome baby boy who was also
born with no complications at Genesis and would not feel at all at rest with myself as his Mommy if I do
not include him in this, just wish he could still be with us, but for now this will have to do till we can see
him again in Heaven one day. We lost him in a terrible accident when he was 4 months old.
His name is: Alrae Thomas Van Dalen
Born: 13 December 2016
His special midwife: Also Verina Song ����
Trusting Verina Song and letting her into our family circle, was the best decision we could have made,
she is such a caring, soft person with the biggest heart. She is and was both my babies' and my guiding
Angel here on earth and has stood by our family in so many ways and still keeping contact till this day.
Although I did not have my rainbow baby, my 3rd, at Genesis due to too many memories I did not think I
could have dealt with at that time, I wish it could have been different and that I could have said that all 3
my gorgeous babies was born in the beautiful hidden Genesis. Verina still stood in with post-natal visits
and other visits to welcome this little Rainbow, Emma-Rae, into our lives.
Thank you for this lovely clinic which gave us so many precious memories to hold onto and would not
have done it any other way.
Kind Regards

My testimonial
Antonette du Toit, Chloé born on the 21 st August 2018
My adventure at TLC, really what is stands for Tender Loving Childbirth with Verina, Hazel and Shani
together with my Husband, best friend, cousin and mother in-law. And this was just it, I had no limit
to my support group, I could have with me whomever I wanted and any amount of people might it
be 1,2 or 10 it was ALL up to ME, MY birth plan! I WAS IN CONTROL!
From my first meeting with Verina she made me feel part of a family and not as a patient, which I
felt was very imported. I felt that I could fully trust her and that she had my best interest at heart.
She prepared me mentally and took away all my fears and concerns, because she educated me in all
her pre-natal classes. She knew what my end goal was and gave me the time and support to deliver
the same. She did the best to her capabilities keeping in mind risks and monitoring the same every
step of the way.
My story,
I had an easy and beautiful pregnancy, my last scan with my gynae was at 36 weeks to get go ahead
for a natural birth. All was clear, the excitement and count down started.
My due date was the 11 th August 2018, the Wednesday 8 th August I went for my “last” check-up,
quoting it, as it wasn’t, haha. Verina told me another week to go, I felt so down and thought my
body has failed me, I am looking at a C-section. Verina tried her best to bring up my spirits, she told
me to walk a lot, bounce on my ball and to do all my exercises, keeping active.
By the weekend still nothing, Verina told me to come and see her on the 14 th August, crossing all
fingers for good news, she looked at me and I knew, baby Chloé is nowhere close to coming. Verina
gave me this awful tea to drink crossing all fingers and praying that I would give birth before the
weekend. That Friday night having a small get together at our house I started having cramps,
thinking this is it! Phoned Verina after 10pm, having very bad cramps. She told me to come in
straight away, got there, had no dilation, and she was still quite high up. Verina helped me ease the
pain and stop the cramps, she gave myself and my husband a very nice dinner with candle light,
haha. Insisting to sleep over and see what is going on the next morning.
The next morning, woke up and felt nothing, normal preggies mommy with no cramps or any sign of
labour, Verina advised to get another scan done to make sure that nothing is keeping baby up. Did
the scan all is clear, except the head was nowhere near the cervix, but baby Chloé was still very
happy and active, just not in any hurry. Verina gave me exercises to do to assist baby Chloéto
position over the cervix.
Monday night the 20 th August my contractions started at 9pm(bedtime) told my husband it’s ‘those’
cramps again! Throughout the night they got stronger and sorter, knowing this is it! Phoned Verina
just after 5am, as contractions were 40 seconds long, and 1 min apart. She said come in and let us
have a look! I arrived and she immediately put on the monitors, baby was happy and mommy
started to dilate, if I remember I was only at 2cm.
YAY finally….it was time!
Hazel supported and guided me throughout my whole birth, telling me to breath, keep calm and her
support helped so much, she guided my husband and Sune how they could support me, being the
rock and support they were. Shani calmed me down so much and motivated me as I was starting to
get tired almost giving up. Verina checking on Chloé every step of the way! Verina helped me and

Chloé to the last 1cm and within seconds our beautiful baby girl was born at 09h50. She gave her to
me, and we had our skin to skin. After a few minutes she took her with daddy’s presents making sure
all is fine, weighing her, cleaning her, cleaning all the airways making sure all fluids were out, she
was perfect. The cord blood test and examinations were done, Paediatrician came and we were
cleared to go home, that very same day! I had MY water birth, MY birth plan!
The best part of my experience with TLC was the after care, Verina showed me how to dress her,
came to my home on the 3 rd day showing me how to bath her. Every check-up after my birth up until
I was 6 weeks post-natal were in the comfort of my own home. TLC goes that extra mile and give
that personalized touch, as every birth is unique. I would refer all mommies I know to TLC, to be
honest I do not believe that I would have been able to do the same and have the freedom at any

The End

When I was pregnant with my youngest son I didn’t want a repeat of the sterile hospital environment.
Too bright fluorescent lights, hard tables and strangers wandering in and out was just not what I needed
this time.
I’d heard about TLC Birthing Centre from a friend and thought I’d check it out. TLC is a beautiful, modern
home environment where my family felt totally relaxed. It has all the important home comforts with the
resources of a hospital. I decided this was the safest and best maternity care for me and my baby.
TLC Birthing Centre is the perfect choice for a natural childbirth experience because their focus is on
totally supporting the mother with whatever she wishes. Verina doesn’t only surround you with her
care, knowledge and expertise before and during the birth but after as well, offering emotional support
and helpful ideas.
At TLC the family and midwives collaborate to decide on the best way to care for mom and baby. The
midwives trust that birth is a natural and normal process and they support women to trust that their
bodies know what to do.
I loved the fact that Keanu could be as involved as possible in welcoming his baby brother once he
arrived. My husband and I found the whole experience with Verina to be quite wonderful and will look
back on the birth of my youngest son with the fondest of memories of TLC, Verina and the biggest and
best toasted cheese and tomato sandwich I’ve ever eaten. I highly recommend TLC to any expectant
mother looking for the perfect place to welcome her new baby into the world.
Kind regards

My journey to becoming

I moved from Cape Town to birth in Johannesburg in the 32nd week of my pregnancy. I had considered a couple of birthing options, midwives and facilities, but Verina won my heart with her authentically welcoming and palpable caring personality. In the subsequent weeks, her expertise, resourcefulness and passion translated into such a supported pregnancy. Her vast knowledge and keeness to share information put me at such ease during a very new and initially scary chapter of my life. She would often claim to talk too much, but for me it was an uncomplicated, effortless and friendly transfer of essential information that could have otherwise been a very intimidating/overwhelming/daunting experience as a first time mother…

The TLC Birth Centre provided the atmosphere and character that I liked for the birth of my baby. Serene, comfortable and lovely. It exuded such peace and beauty. The candles, the messages on the wall and the outdoor water feature were a source of calm and motivation as those contractions hit hard! Again the non-clinical, homely and gentle environment gave me a sense of birthing as a natural process that I could do – a priceless feeling/thought for a first time and initially nervous mother. 

Sister Verina,

Words are not enough to express how grateful we are…. and though it may seem like a cliche, we are truly speechless.

There was anxiety and all kinds of pressure but with you we sailed through it like a breeze. And though we didn’t get our VBAC, we know we made it to the end strong because of your care and kindness. Thank you for taking care of us all through the 9 months to the very end, still holding our hand with love.

We experienced so much love and undivided attention… never rushing through any our appointments, making us feel and appreciate how special and miraculous birthing is… beyond what we would have appreciated ourselves… yours is truly a calling.

May God make all your days as joyful as you made ours, may you always have help when you need it, in your life like you have been to us. May people go the extra mile to do good like you did with us. May you overflow with the goodness of the Lord. May God overtake your ambitions and plans by doing exceedingly abundantly above your imagination in Jesus Name…

From Baby Daman, Clement and Eva

Forever Grateful

Unexpected turns of giving birth

The first time I fell pregnant I followed what seemed to be the traditional route of finding a gynae-obstetrician. After three meetups I settled on one who said he did support natural birth. I knew the amazing benefits of having natural birth for the baby in the long term, so I felt very strongly about this. However towards the end of my pregnancy journey I still felt unsettled with the situation. I did some more research and also viewed the labour and birthing room at the hospital I had booked into. It was then that I knew I had to make a change. Much to my husband’s dismay I told him that I again wanted to change my gynae-ob. We had recently been to watch an informative birthing DVD at the birthing centre. So I persuaded my husband to consider the possibility of birthing there. He knew by now the importance of trusting my instincts and so our journey lead us to Verina. I could not have been happier. She absolutely supported my choice to have natural birth and had some amazing tips as well. The centre is right next door to the hospital and since it was my first pregnancy this gave me a sense of security. The centre gives you an ensuite room, access to a birthing pool and access to the kitchen as well as the whole centre to move around in if you need to while in labour. It feels very luxurious and you can invite as many people as you want to have with you during your birth. 

With our financial situation being what it was, we had to change our plans and prepare to birth at the Linkswood hospital next door to the centre . My baby’s orientation also meant I had a longer labour. My regular contractions started on the Monday afternoon, Verina examined me in the early hours of the Tuesday morning and said I still had a while to go. She invited me to come at labour at the birthing centre. We came back later that morning with my support team: my husband, parents and brother. I was met by my two midwives, a doula, and other staff at the centre. I even had reflexology in the last part of my labour. I laboured at the centre comfortably and very supported with back rubs during contractions as well as time in the birthing pool which assisted with pain. Although there was a large support team, the centre made it possible for everyone to move around rather than crowd me. So I never felt overwhelmed or violated. My labour continued through the night and there was space for my family to sleep at the centre as well as make food. In the morning my water broke and Verina also broke the news that my family had offered to pay for me to birth at the centre. They had been taken by the love, gentleness and generosity that was given. That Wednesday afternoon I finally heard the cries of my beautiful baby girl. The incredible team supported me all the way and especially through the final stages of labour and if it was not for this centre and this team, I undoubtedly would have been forced to have a caesarean. We all celebrated with a uniting joy. That evening, my husband, daughter and I relaxed at the centre with a quiet delicious picnic dinner before finding our way home the next morning as a brand new family.

With my second pregnancy there was no question around where to give birth. I booked my spot with Verina at the centre. However, my baby decided to slip out in the car on the way there. Verina helped me deliver the placenta when we arrived. She also helped to clean my brother’s car, which was incredible. Again my family was there to support me, and I was so pleased that my eldest could meet her sister and spend time with her immediately in such a relaxed atmosphere. The paediatrician came to check my baby at the centre soon afterwards. Verina served us a most delicious lunch and that evening we could already be home. Another advantage of having the support of a midwife is also that she can administer the first inoculations and comes to your home for the follow-up check-ups.  

In 2016 I gave birth at TLC birthing clinic with the help of Sister  Verina. My family and I had a pleasant experience from the first time we spoke to Sister Verina. She explains everything to you as a mom to be and makes sure you understand what happens when you give birth, complications and which hospitals you will be referred to if there are any complications. As a first time mom over 30 years of age she suggested I drink Cumin tea which really helped soften my cervix for labour.

On the day I gave birth. Sister Verina kept me informed of what was happening. She sang with me and my mom to keep me calm during labour. She also helped me so much with a back massage during labour. I was left to bond with my baby and few hours later we went home. 

TLC gives you a home away from home experience

She does home visits after the baby is born to see how you healing and to observe the babies health.

If I ever have another baby it’s definitely going to be at TLC with sister Verina.  Midwifery is a calling to her. Not just a profession.

Our beautiful Birth 

After Being recommended by my husband’s colleague Jessica Goussard (Doula). 

Our journey with Tender loving care began. When we went to our first appointment we were still not sure whether we wanted to do home birth.

We got to the appointment and we met this fantastic lady Verina Song. 

As first time parents she took us step by step through the Home birth process. The state of the Art facility was amazing when we walked out of our appointment we where convinced that we had to do Home birth.

Verina walked with us every step of the way through the pregnancy making it a very easy and enjoyable pregnancy. Our continuous  appointments with her was informative. 

On the morning on the 15th of March 2019 @38 weeks pregnant around 3am the contractions began. Because of the information that Verina had given us we knew these were not Braxton Hicks contractions “False contractions” but they were actual Labour contractions. We gave Verina a call at 5am she told us to through to the centre.

We arrived at 5:30am at the centre,  Verina welcomed us, started with the check ups.

After the check up she smiled and said we having this baby today before 10am 

In the birth room we had a big water pool with warm water which made the contractions painless. The step by step guidance from Verina and Hazel made it easy for us. My husband was also there every step of the way holding my hands.

At 9:10am we welcomed our Precious gift Baby Jedidiah. We stayed at the centre for a while baby got a Paediatrician to check him and he was very strong and healthy. While at the centre we were served with food and also had lots of coffee.

At 3pm after our friends and family visited we went home with baby.

The Postnatal visits started 3days after baby was born and Verina kept coming to check on baby.

We thank God so much for such a beautiful birth.

We thank TLC for making our birth experience such an Amazing one.

Thank you Verina for everything 

Thank you Hazel 

May God Continue to expand and increase you. 

May he bless and keep you and make this face shine upon you. 

We are looking forward to our next home birth with TLC.

Hi There,

So my journey with Verina began when I found out that I was pregnant with my fourth child. Emotions ran high, I cried, I wasn’t ready for another baby as my toddler had barely turned 2, I already had a 12 & 18 year old, how were we possibly going to cope with another baby?

I just couldn’t bring myself to accept that I was pregnant again. 

By the time I had first contacted Verina I was well into my pregnancy & I had told her that I had not received any ante-natal care & that I was somewhat depressed about the situation.

Verina had spoken to me & asked me to come & see her which my husband & I did.

I was not sorry that I went to meet with her that Saturday morning, she welcomed me with open arms & a hug that I will never forget. The kind of hug that only a Mom can give you & that makes everything feel ok, she did not for 1 second judge me, she made me realise although I had already known it that this baby was another gift from God. 

My spirits were lifted, I felt a great sense of love, peace, comfort & excitement after meeting with her. I was going to have another baby & this time I was going to have a home birth. How exciting!!!

Appointments, blood tests, scans were all happening as the time progressed & then finally one afternoon at my check-up Verina said this Baby will be here on Friday.

I thought oh ok, I had no real signs of labour but I was secretly praying that it would happen soon. 

I could not wait to meet my little bundle of joy whom I had come to love so much & I was just so tired of being pregnant. 

Friday 29th September 2017 came & what do you know, the contractions started early morning.  I messaged Verina & we stayed in contact for a short while until herself & Hazel whom assisted her, made it to me in record time. Verina in her black little high heels, which I found so amusing examined me & told me that Baby would make her appearance by lunch time. 

They had equipped my bedroom with everything they would possibly need & the aroma of scented candles & essential oils filled the air. I felt like a Queen as dates were being fed to me for energy & as the contractions grew stronger I was gently swayed from left to right to break my waters while my back was being gently massaged. When the time came I was guided on my breathing & when to push, I was being sponged down & before I knew it at 13:55 Danique Maddison Veldsman was born in the presence of her Dad & 12year old Sister. I can honestly remember nothing about the pain that I felt as it was such a beautiful & intimate experience. I really wished I had birthed all my children with Verina.

The most beautiful pink screaming 3.3kg baby girl was born, my heart filled with joy as she was placed on my chest & at that moment I realised how blessed I was. I was now the Mom of 4 beautiful girls, I had an easy pregnancy, I had the best team of midwives, all the turbulent emotions & depression of having another baby had completely melted away. Little Danique was & still is so perfect.

During the magical hour, my husband, 12 & 2 year old bonded with the newest member of our perfect family. Only 1 member was missing, my 18year old as she was away on a Matric outing but she would be home later that evening.

Verina had run me a bath, she said I deserved it, I did good & how chuffed I was with myself. LOL.

She assisted me to get undressed, get into the bath, freshen up, get dressed & back in to bed to rest. 

It was an experience only movies were made of & I had that experience, it was absolutely perfect. 

Verina had completed Danique’s forms to be registered at Home Affairs, her clinic card, she’d given Danique her immunisations needed & a shot for myself straight after birth. 

She had given Danique the most beautiful little pendant which she wears to church & a little card with her footprints & her details at birth. 

All these precious little mementos to remind us of that very special day. 

Her follow up visit was scheduled & what a delight it was to see her again. This petite little Lady with a heart of gold & a naughty mischievous way about her.

If not for Verina’s loving & gentle approach with our very first contact I am not sure how I would have been able to cope & come to terms with my pregnancy, I am sure that I would have suffered some sort of depression & anxiety.

I will forever be grateful to Verina for my perfect home birth, the most loving, caring, gentle & compassionate soul that birthed my beautiful little Baby Girl.

Thank You Verina.

It was a relaxed Saturday morning, we slept in and only needed to go to the shops a little later. I went to shower and (thankfully) decided to wash my hair and shave my legs. Perhaps not the wisest move at 37 going on 38 weeks pregnant, but hey, a pregnant lady’s gotta do what a pregnant lady’s gotta do!

One leg down and just as I started with the other, I felt something pop. At that moment, David walked into the bathroom and could obviously see something had happened. He asked me what was wrong and I replied, “Either I just weed myself or my water broke.”

I did a shabby shaving job on the second leg, got out of the shower and contacted my midwife, Verina. She said to wait one hour and if I was still leaking fluid, to call her again. 

An hour later I was still leaking fluid. Verina said we could carry on as normal and I started sucking on these little homeopathic pills that speed up the labour (approved by Verina, of course). This was to avoid induction as they are required to induce if you haven’t gone into labour 12 hours after your water has broken. Apparently induction is eina, so I’m very grateful we didn’t have to go that route.

*Side note: I did quite a bit of reading up on labouring at home and although I knew didn’t want to have the actual baby at home, I did know I wanted to be in a comfortable and known environment for as long as possible. Hospitals stress people out and stress tends to slow down progress. That’s why we stayed at home for as long as I could bear it (perhaps a tad too long)…

After speaking to Verina, we prayed and asked Jesus that He would be with us, that His hand of protection would be on us and that whatever would happen would be according to God’s will. Then we changed the bedding, cleaned the kitchen, made sure the hospital bags were packed and then decided to go to Checkers. You know, as you do when your water has broken 🙈. 

I was feeling a bit nauseous and sore at this point (like mild period pains) but I just thought my cervix was busy expanding. Once we got to Checkers, we got about halfway through our shopping when I told David that I would rather wait for him in the car as I wasn’t feeling great. He quickly finished shopping and we went home. 

By the time we got home, the pain and nausea had intensified, so I got into bed with a hot water bottle and tried to sleep for a little while – unsuccessfully. We contacted Verina and she said to take two Panados and get in a warm bath. I still remember telling her that I didn’t think this part (the expansion of my cervix) would be so sore. Little did I know…

At 37 (almost 38) weeks pregnant, I was huge! And to fit into a normal bath or to get your tummy in the water for relief is nearly impossible! Plus, I kept having to get out of the bath because it felt like I needed to go to the toilet. At this point, we started to time the contractions and they were quite far apart but I think we were timing them wrong. It was a little hard to focus. 

Because we were timing the contractions incorrectly, Verina thought I might be in false labour but I was like, “If this is false labour, I don’t want to know what real labour is like!” I had even started pushing involuntarily. Eventually, we figured out that the contractions were about 3 minutes apart lasting about 45 seconds each. So, we made plans to meet Verina at Genesis Clinic at 5pm. 

We packed our bags, got in the car and drove to Genesis. I still think it’s a miracle that David wasn’t speeding to get there! I had 6 contractions in the car and by the time we got to Genesis I was so relieved! We met Verina in the foyer and she still joked and said, “Are we having a baby today?” But when she checked me and saw that I was fully dilated, it became clear that we were actually having a baby that day. 

So, I got into the bath at Genesis and wow! The instant relief was AMAZING!! The time had come for me to do the hard yards. Verina, Shani and David stood as ever-ready cheerleaders, massaging, motivating, and encouraging me to keep going.  

Water births aren’t for everyone and sometimes it’s not possible to do a water birth, but my experience was heaven! I don’t think I’d want to labour in the water the whole time but getting in during that last stretch was beyond amazing! 

After a few more contractions, I could feel baby crowning and all I’ll say is I know why they call it the ring of fire… At this point, my contractions had stopped altogether and I had to physically push my baby into the world.

*Side note: The contractions were sore but not nearly as bad as I thought they were going to be. The most painful part for me was the crowning. But once that baby is out, all the pain is gone!

A few short pushes later and our little Joel Liam Fair was born in the water with the umbilical cord (thankfully) only draped around his neck. He was perfect! Ten little fingers and toes and a full set of lungs! Holding him for the first time felt strange yet exactly right at the same time. He was ours!

All-in-all, the labour was about 5 hours with no tears or any complications which I know is special for a first time birth – but we know it was nothing we did… It was all God’s faithfulness and His answers to our prayers. Thank you, Jesus! 

One thing I know is that no birth is the same. I also know that even my next birth stories will be unique. I also believe that no birth goes according to our plans but we know that He knows the plans He has for us, so who cares if my birth didn’t go according to my plan? We were safely in our Father’s plan for us the whole time. 

Giving birth (naturally or C-section) is one of the most amazing things we can experience as women. For me, the process of giving birth naturally brought me closer to my Creator and forced me to trust in Him alone. Will I do it again? Without a doubt – but only if it’s in my God’s plan for me.

Both my kids were delivered by Verina Song.

Kayson Marcus, this was my VBAC birth. A very long tiring birth that was delivered wonderfuly by Verina Song and the assistance of many others at Genesis. He was born on the 21st of July 2017 weighing 4.3kg at 41 weeks, unmedicated ventouse birth.

Emilie Calyn.

My healing birth. After the birth of her brother, we had a beautiful and quick water birth. She was delivered in a peaceful and calming environment by Verina Song who took such amazing care of us. Emilie was born on the 27th of February 2019 weighing 4.29kg unmedicated at 40 weeks

Verina has been a very important part of my mom journey the moment I met her…

I believe God guided me to her… When I arrived in South Africa a month or so before the birth of my first child I went to genesis clinic and I was not well welcomed, they gave me a booklet to choose my midwife and that was that… When I went home and open the booklet I looked at 2 faces that I found loving so I called the first midwife but she wasn’t available for the month of January…. Then I called the second one and she was so bubbly on the phone I was at peace already just talking to her…. We made an appointment for the next day… When I arrived at the center I was so shocked to see such a beautiful place, very peaceful, I fell in love with it immediately… Verina took her time to talk with me, she made me feel very comfortable, all the doubt I had about having a water birth were appeased… From the first contact she was there with me until the day of the birth… She was always available for a chat, very patient, everyone at the center always had a smile when I will go for a visit… It always feels like home😊… 

The center provided me with a lot of information about water birth, life with babies, I had another mid wife who thaught me for an hour about lactation, allergies in new born and more… And because giving birth at TLC was so affordable I had extra to get more baby clothes 😀

On the day of my birth I will never forget how patient and caring Verina and her team were… I crumbled with the pain, it was not easy, my water didn’t break, but they were so sweet with me, encouraging me to walk and be strong, I never felt at any moment that they were frustrated… They gave me the courage to go thru it until my little Malika finally decided to come out😍😊 The aftercare was amazing too, Verina came home to check on baby and I, she was still available on the phone if I had any questions, she made vaccination days easy for baby and me… That’s why I had no doubt in my mind when a year later I came back to give birth to my little Maria😊 Verina is a wonderful and blessed woman and I hope my story helps her with the center…

Uh oh! I’m 37 weeks and my baby has decided it’s time. 

I was at work and completely confused almost scared, it’s my first baby.. I panic. Immediately I call Verina to let Verina know it’s time. 

The first 11 hours flew by without any pain not even an hours walk helped. We left the house just before 20:00 to meet Verina. First, we checked the baby and how he was doing considering my water broke and there was no amniotic fluid covering him anymore. It has officially been 12 hours since my water broke, an hour since we got to the hospital and we have decided I need to be induced. Three hours later and I was dilated but still far from meeting my little one nonetheless Verina was happy to see me progressing. I have started feeling some pain pacing up and down the room, another three hours passed and Verina confirmed I was in active labour. I couldn’t sleep tossing and turning every time I got a contraction as they became closer together and more defining. 

It was now morning time and Verina came to check once again. 

Verina asked to run the water and I most definitely agreed. The bath water had lavender in which was so soothing and candles all around. I jumped in boiling hot water and the pain almost instantly went away it was the most relaxed I felt in the past four hours. As quickly as I jumped in I jumped out because I never listen.. I needed to relieve myself. 

Time to get back into the bath and I was falling asleep (the water was so soothing, too soothing it was amazing). I genuinely was a bit nervous as it was my first baby and I didn’t know when it would be time to push and then it happened – a scream just escaped from my mouth. I knew my baby was coming. It happened so fast not even five contractions later and I cradled my little one in my arms. 

Verina guided me through every moment and I couldn’t be more grateful, from antenatal visits to paperwork to the birth of my baby. Verina is truly a one in a million midwife and I’m glad to have had my first baby birthed by Verina. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My midwife was Verina Song

Our little Rebekah was frank breech, and unfortunately had to be taken out via a gentle C-section. I will forever be SO grateful to Dr Mia my gynae, my midwife Verina Song (who was right by my side in theater) and Genesis for giving me such a beautiful birth experience despite me being so very disappointed that I did not have a natural birth. I was petrified of the entire procedure, but ended up actually loving every minute. All the theater staff were incredible. The theater light was dimmed, everyone was calm and loving & laughing, I had delayed cord clamping, I had my baby on my chest AS she came out, and all our decisions were respected. While being stitched up my husband went to lay in our room (a couple of steps from the theater) with our baby skin to skin on his chest. I was back with them in no time, and had my baby on me for the next 3 days. Our room felt like a home away from home, we were able to spend 3 full days together as a family in an extremely comfortable king sized bed, with THE most delicious homey cooked meals that were just brought in and out for what felt like all day. The Breastfeeding support I received was incredible. We did not hear the word formula ONCE. My baby’s blood sugar was only checked hours after birth, once breastfeeding had been established, and only because she was born with a birth weight of above 4kg. (most hospitals test it very soon after birth and on all babies, which mostly leads to a formula top up) .Every single nurse focused on helping me get my latch right. I even had an angel of a nurse (Sister Ana who is also a lactation consultant) ON our bed at 3am one morning (when I was in tears from cracked nipples) showing me how to get a good latch, and showing my husband how to support us. Everything about those 3 days was complete euphoria, and we wished we could stay longer! I know for a fact that had I had a c-section in a hospital it would have been the complete opposite experience.

Thank you!

“For the birth of my daughter I was adamant that I needed a midwife. I met with Verina at her center I was with my husband that afternoon and immediately we fell in love with her. She had experience, was warm and loving which is what we were looking for. 

We continued the journey with her with antenatal classes and she also recommended an excellent gynae Dr Sikhakane and the most supportive and present doula Shani. Verina is an amazing midwife and her knowledge, support and expertise has changed my life and view on life and labor.

I would do this process again in a heartbeat with Verina.”

My beautiful VBAC

I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child, two weeks after I weaned my then two year old Ismai who was born via through an emergency c- section. It had not been an easy pregnancy and I had endured two miscarriages prior. With my previous miscarriages I had experienced some light spotting initially, so when I started spotting at six weeks with Ismai I was devastated. Fast forward to 32 weeks and my third born son was born in distress. He was quickly taken to NICU and I couldn’t hold him. I couldn’t breastfeed him and couldn’t have his crib next to my bed. Weighing only 2.6kgs seeing his tiny frame strapped to all kinds of monitors and breathing apparatus, was all a bit too much to bear. 

With this new pregnancy having endured a rather traumatic birthing experience with my third, that also led me to infection, I was determined to have a VBAC. Thanks to Facebook recommendations I found a group called VBAC South Africa and starting reading up on all the information and stories of other women, empowering myself about my options. 

My search and journey for a better birth experience led me to the TLC Centre and eventually meeting Verina. At the time I was not on medical aid so I had to also register with my local clinic as well as Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital to fulfil certain legal requirements to birth at the Birth Centre. I saw so many doctors in my journey, some more convinced than others that I could have a VBAC. 

My visits at TLC with Verina were never rushed. Nothing felt forced as she is not pretentious. Our meetings were always so personal. I honestly was never used to that in private or public practice where strong barriers between the patient and the practitioner are always maintained. 

With the guidance I received from Verina, I felt so empowered and in control over my body. I had a say in what I needed for myself and my emotional sanity. So even at my 34th week checkup at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital when confronted by a doctor who had prejudged me on the basis of my skin colour and the fact that it was my six pregnancy , insisting that I  have my tubes tied following the birth of the baby as well as have a C-section that day, I vehemently protested.

I am usually a very lazy person when it comes to exercise, but when you are desperate for a VBAC you will do anything it takes to get your body to comply. I did all the exercises, jumping on the ball, taking 30 minute walks daily since I hit the 8 month mark. Nothing however was bringing on the labour. The pessimist in me started to doubt that I could genuinely have a V-BAC and engaged in self-talk that involved me making peace with having a C-section.

That same Thursday however I started having contractions with one big contraction that had me in tears. I called Verina and she told me to monitor their progress. The contractions subsided again that evening. I was unsure if the labour was real as I had Braxton Hicks on and off for some time. In the morning when the contractions had reached 5 minutes apart my husband and I set out for the birth centre. When I arrived and the midwife did an internal examination I was 2-3 cms dilated. I was in active labour. I started bouncing on the ball, danced, watched TV, chatted with Verina and even sat in the sun. Having the sun on my back eased my pain some. I was free to birth in the way I felt most comfortable. My pain threshold is generally very low and I remember making jokes with Verina about my persistent frowning. It was Ramadan and while my husband was fasting, Verina made me breakfast. When the pains intensified I squatted on the toilet. Lindsey (the support midwife) came in and performed a stretch and sweep to make the cervix more favourable. At transition point I stayed in the sun holding onto what I call my ‘birthing chairs’.  I sounded like a goat in my head and questioned why I had allowed myself to have a baby again…When my husband came in from prayers he saw me lying on the bed and helped support me while the head of the baby was crowning. Verina supported me so that the baby would come out gently and I would not tear. Baby came out big – 4.1kgs! He was covered in a buttery vernix and his eyes were shut but he was beautiful. He was handed over to daddy while I delivered the placenta. The baby’s cord was long and thick like a piece of ‘wors’. 

Honestly, I have no negatives about that day. It was beautiful…

A week today an ordinary miracle of birth left Mikey and I with an extraordinary gift. As third time parents we still stand in awe at God’s goodness and faithfulness to our family to give us our greatest wealth – our children. Where did this little human who in our eyes is the tiniest little person we have held come from??To be honest it has been a hard pregnancy that saw me less active and struggling physically than I ever have.

Granted I am a serial entrepreneur and homeschooling mama so in itself my plate is full,but this self-acclaimed “ninja mum” was humbled!..and still we rise on the wings of His grace…Life hits you with many unexpected blows but there is a call and season to choose to elevate and RISE ABOVE the dirt for His glory!! Welcome Aliyah (to rise and be exhalted) Michaela (Who is like God) Ndlovu. Born on Friday 5th October 2011at 2.45pm coming in at 3.75kgs. Your name and presence in our lives these past ten months has taught us what it means to gather ourselves at the feet of the Father from our places of dust, dirt, brokenness, disappointment and humility and “COME UP” …I always am very vulnerable after birth as all my littles have emerged in or after a fiery trial in my life but words cannot begin to thank my physical midwives that were assigned to me in this season.

Verina Song and Hazel Dailly from Tender Loving Care Birth Center you have loved us well. 

Thank you for allowing us to birth in a dignified manner that honoured our dreams to keep our birth natural, unmedicated, sacred and family centered. 

Thank you for fighting for us and helping me personally to push past my fears.

To our spiritual midwives- our family and close friends thank you for your continued encouragement and prayers pushing back the darkness and declaring life in the heavenlies over us during very delicate and uncertain moments …One baby at a time let us change the narrative around child birth and what is possible…#lotusbirth #naturalbirth #itsagirl #afrobabe #ndlovus #whoislikeourGod #waterbirth #gratitude #anordinarymiracle #extraordinarygift #birthcenter #birthwithoutfear #aliyah #oneweekold #tlc #tenderlovingcare #imperfectmotherhood #borntodefygravity @ Tender Loving Childbirth Private Midwives Practice

My birthing starts at home and ends at home

I wanted to have an unassisted birth at home but my boyfriend insisted I get a midwife. At six months into my pregnancy I started looking for a midwife that does home births.

My mentor Dan Mukendi came across a pamphlet with the doula’s information and I thought there is it, someone, to assist me. When I contacted her she informed me that she could not assist without a midwife present. She then referred me to Aunty Verina Song.  I call her Aunty because as I got to know her she was not just my midwife, she felt like family. Then it was time for baby to come, I kept on telling myself that I did not want anyone there while I was birthing, however when the contractions started I quickly realized needed someone there. My partner also needed to leave me and go to work. So the day before giving birth, (4 days overdue) my partner suggested that I get on all fours to clean the floors to assist the baby to come out. I was so lazy I didn’t want to do anything but then I did it anyway hoping this would work. I was so busy the whole day didn’t even take a nap. 

Evening came and I said to myself finally I can get some sleep. I put my head down and closed my eyes and my contractions started. At around 9 pm I couldn’t lie in bed any longer and had to get up and started moving. I tried going back to bed when the pain eased up, but then it would start all over again. At that point I was not sure if I was in labour. We monitored my labour until I felt it was time to call Aunty Verina. She came at 5am the next morning – it was such a relief! At this point in my labour, both my sister and Aunty Verina were by my side to support me. Aunty Verina checked my dilation and I was further then what I thought in the first stage of labour, that made me happy, but then the difficult part followed. 

Aunty Verina had called Aunty Hazel sometime during my journey in becoming a mother, an amazing midwife too and my other sister arrived soon after. My contractions kept me moving, I could not stand, sit or lay down, for long periods of time. Everyone took it in turns to rub my back and make me comfortable. What I loved the most about having a midwife and home birth is that I had the freedom to be myself within the comfort of my own home, without any restrictions you might find in a hospital. I started losing energy and Aunty Hazel suggested that I have some sweet tea and BAM! that gave me the energy to carry on. Aunty Verina noticed that I was standing with my leg a bit twisted every time I had a contraction and decided to check on the baby’s progress. Whilst checking she discovered that my baby was in an uncomfortable position. The knowledgeable Aunty Verina told me to sit on the edge of the bed with my legs underneath my bum and then reach to the floor with both hands. Aunty Hazel assisted me to go down as my tummy was big and I was struggling. I came back up and threw myself back in a sitting position. I repeated the maneuver two more times then I suddenly felt emotional and needed to be alone. I asked my sisters to leave my home, but they never left due to the excitement of the new arrival and they wanted to be there to support me.

It was time for the magic! I didn’t even know that it was time for me to meet my baby until I saw Aunty Verina and Aunty Hazel preparing the bed  she wanted me on the bed because of the uncomfortable position of my baby, so I started to push! I pushed and pushed and pushed then Aunty Verina said don’t push with your head push down “there” like you would be doing a number two. My baby started crowning and she told me to feel how hairy my baby’s head was. I honestly couldn’t feel anything. I was too determined not to get too excited because I knew that it would delay the progress. Then it was my last push and my baby came out and we were excited to see what gender it was. I was the first to see his genitalia. I just wanted to hold him and cuddle. There were so many emotions – I remember saying he was so ugly and started crying because I realised he was mine and finally here. Once most of the emotions had settled it was then time to deliver the placenta and as Aunty Verina touched my tummy POP! it jumped out. She was just as shocked as I was. It was then time to weigh him and she wanted us to guess. Aunty Verina hit the nail on the head, 3.7kg what a big baby!

Aunty Verina and Aunty Hazel spontaneously started singing happy birthday but baby didn’t have a name because we had been convinced it was a girl for a full 9 months and had not prepared any boy’s name. We called him “no-name” for a couple of hours until his daddy came home.

I wouldn’t change anything of my birthing experience, having Aunty Verina by my side throughout the whole birthing journey it was nothing but a pleasure and a wonderful experience. She is an amazing woman and I recommend her to everyone I meet who is pregnant or not pregnant. I really appreciate the attention she gave me. She really made me feel like a queen.

The birth story of Zuan

My first pregnancy came as a surprise to me and my husband, a bunch of emotions at one time. I already knew in my mind that I wanted a caesarean section, at that time I thought it was the best, because all of my nieces did it. Well, I was so wrong. On the 10th of June 2014, we went to the Gynaecologist in the morning, she told me I can have our little girl that evening. Here I was thinking we are only going for a check-up just to find out we will meet our little girl. But, I was not ready. We had still allot to do as I only was nearly 38 weeks pregnant. I felt my little girl was not ready, but what do I know.

We rushed home, started to pack, excited, and scared. Ten past 6 that night our little girl was born, it was not an easy operation as my blood pressure dropped very low, it was scary. I was very “out of it” because of all the drugs, I did not get to hold my little girl, there was no bonding. When I finally went back to my room after the operation, I only got to see my girl for a short while, after that I fell asleep with all the pain medication. It was so sad because it did not go as I planned, we did not bond, and I did not have the opportunity to breastfeed that night after her birth because I was asleep, so her very first feeding was from the nurse and milk they gave her, I was so upset. When we finally got home, it was overwhelming, I did have post-natal depression because of the whole experience. Never the less, our girl is safe, and we love her so much. 

When we started planning for our second, two years later after our girl, Natalie, we were so excited, because I knew this time it would be different and this time I will not let depression get the best of me. After three months of trying, we gave up, like my husband said we tried too hard! So I tried to forget about it only to find out that I was three weeks pregnant! We were so excited, our little girl kept saying “baba”, and we were over the moon. I sat that night with my husband after reading about VBac (Vaginal birth after caesarean), I told him that I wanted a natural birth so much. I went to visit my Gynaecologist, not the same one as my previous pregnancy, and told her about wanting to have a VBAC. I could see that she did not like the idea so much and that unsettled me. So that night I went on a search for Mid-Wife, the best in the business, and I came along Verina Song. I knew that I must meet her. Our first meeting went very well, they welcomed us with open arms, so much love. I felt right at home. I knew this was the place and this was my person.

She understood that I had a difficult birth with my daughter, she knew I was scared, but she had me felt so at ease. With each examination, every visit, we came to love Verina and the birthing home so much! We only got to visit the Gynaecologist about two times, just to check my caesarean scar. We started to plan our birth, what will happen, how it must be. I got to choose my room with a patio, it is the most relaxing, warm and homey place I could imagine. I also chose my doula, and we started on my hypnobirthing classes. It really put my mind at ease, and I knew we were ready to meet our little boy. 

On the 22nd of July, as we climbed into bed, I told my husband that I wish our little boy would come, I felt and was very huge, 39 weeks and counting huge. I turned in bed to hold hubby and felt a pop and also heard a pop like sound, I told my husband that I did not know what that was, and I wanted to stand up just to find that my waters had broken! Husband flew out of bed, to our cabinet and retrieved some linen savers. I was so excited, it is finally time. As hubby was cleaning the bed and contacting my mother in law, I messaged Verina and told her that my waters just broke. I did not know what to do, but she put my mind at ease, told me to be calm and time my contractions and call her back. We did as she told and found that my contractions was close together. She told me that we may come through so that she can examine me. As mother in law arrived, my husband took everything to the car, kissed our little girl and off we went. I was uncomfortable in the car, it was about 22:00. We arrived at our birthing home, Verina welcomed us with so much love. She examined me to see how far I was dilated and was not even 2cm! She told us that we can stay the night, rather to drive home, we lived in Pretoria at the time. That was very caring of her, and we were very grateful. She told me I must rest and have a good rest. We went to our beautiful room, our birthing pool had already water in it, and all was cosy and warm. We climbed in bed, hoping for a good rest, but I started with contractions, not to painful, but very uncomfortable. The next morning we ate breakfast through my contraction, which was stronger than before. My doula arrived, and we started with the relaxation, breathing of the hypnobirthing. My room was beautifully decorated with lavender candles, motivational pictures were put on the wall next to the birthing pool and all my snacks ready for me. 

As the day progressed, the pain got worse, but I knew I was made for this, with an awesome team and hubby beside me, I can do this. I did not get to drink and eat as much, I was very nauseous and threw up a lot. Verina told me that it would be best to put a drip in, just to get fluids in my body, she was so gentle and caring, and it really put me at ease. Verina prepped my birthing pool, it was so warm and relaxing, it really helped with my contractions, once I was in, and I did not want to get out. Time went on and I told Verina that I have an urge to push. She examined me and I was fully dilated, yay! I told my husband to get in to support me. With each contraction, each breath our son was closer to being in our arms. My doula and Verina was so gentle with me, told me to relax through the contractions, yes, it was painful but it was bearable. As I pushed, our son’s head started to come out, Verina helped me so that I will not tear, which I was very nice of her! Once his head was out, she told me to rest, next came his small body, it was so quick that I did tear, but it was not that bad. It felt so amazing to catch my little boy and put him up to my chest. To see those big eyes looking at me, brought me and my husband to tears. After holding him for a while, they took him to get cleaned and to get some oxygen while I can get out of the pool and onto the bed.

Verina assisted me carefully to the bed, where she started prepping for me to get stiches. Not long after they brought me my little boy, Zuan. He was so calm after 18 hours of labour. They’ve put him on my stomach to do the crawl up to my breast, his little feet pushing him up to me, it was mesmerising. He had his first drink as I was getting my stiches done, Verina was really working so softly I hardly felt a thing. Once he finished drinking, daddy got to hold him. We were so happy, being together and happy. Only missing our daughter, but I knew we will see her soon. Verina made me cosy on the bed and put my son on my chest, where she made a little “bed” for him on me, and we slept through the night, so happy and bonding. The next day I took a warm shower, while Verina and my husband dressed Zuan. She assisted me through the breasfeeding, and I felt so at ease. 

I remember her making me the best breakfast I ever had! We are so grateful for Verina and Tender Loving Childbirth. I’m so happy to have chosen them!

In 2014 when I found out I was pregnant, I was ecstatic and nervous at the same time. It was my first pregnancy as any mother’s wish, I desired a smooth and effortless birth experience. A homebirth was my first option so I started to look around for facilities that offered homebirth. My search led me to to find TLC Birth Centre. I set up an appointment with Verina and she made me feel so comfortable. From that day on she walked me through my entire pregnancy making me feel at ease until I hit my 40th week. Ironically on my birthday I started having labour pains. We rushed to TLC where Verina and her team, a doula and support midwife were already waiting for us. They allowed me to freely walk around. I ended up giving birth in the bathroom as I felt most comfortable there. I gave birth to a healthy 3.9kg baby boy named Logan. He turns 4 this year.

In 2017 when I was expecting my second child, I knew I would go back to TLC Birth Centre. I signed up with Verina again hoping to do a water birth…

Have you ever carefully planned how you want something to happen but at the end of the day it does not go as planned? Well ask me about it…water birth, in a 5 star birth centre but nothing went according to plan it was indeed a season of undeniable miracles!

A season of chaos started when doctors told us “she is breech at 36weeks.” I thought to myself could this mean that my birth plan was going out of the window🤔. Immediately i went to my midwife who was my strength all this time. We discussed and we assured each other we were still going on with our birth plan.

That week was a crucial week for us as we tried all techniques of turning the baby. Imagine me with my big belly lying upside down on a couch every hour believing for a miracle😂, well it had to be done. A few days later we went for a massage believing the baby would turn but guess what i feel asleep during the session😂yeah that’s how heavily pregnant i was.

A week later we opted for an ECV in which the doctor tried to turn the baby using his hands. He did all his best but to no avail. Finally he suggested we go for a c/section as he was sure natural birth was not possible at this stage. I have never cried like that in my life. Believe me a mother instinct is never wrong, something in me kept on telling me to be patient, it was only a matter of time.

A week later on 29April 2018 my daughter was born. On that day @7:30 I felt the first contraction and I thought it was just the Braxton Hicks, the next one came 30mins later and I was like to my husband “the baby is coming please call Verina.” 

I kept on timing the contractions and did all the techniques I’ve learnt on the birth classes (walking around, getting in the shower, doing squats) on how to deal with the labour pains. An hour later my midwife was at my house and it got real, she said we can’t go to the birth centre the baby was still breach and almost here. Deep down I knew my midwife was the only person who could help me birth this baby-may God bless her.

At around 10:30 my body writhed with the most unspeakable pain & after a few pushes Naledi was born. She was immediately placed on my chest. I never knew I was that strong till that day. Yes! I birthed at home which was not part of my plan but God’s plan. My midwife took care of us on that day. Frankly my birth experience was quick, healing, incredible and empowering. Hats off to all moms who had the opportunity to endure this pain. If i am going to have another baby there is no doubt I’m choosing Verina as my midwife again…she gave me all the love, care, support,  encouragement etc. it was just a lot.