“Giving birth is not just about the place, it’s about how you manage and
cope with the experience”

TLC Home Birthing Center

Giving birth at TLC Home Birthing Centre which is regarded as a HOME BIRTH and the qualifying criteria for a home birth will apply which allows you to labour and deliver in comfortable, serene surroundings when birthing at home is not an option.

You’ll have more control over your birth experience than you would in a hospital, and you won’t have to endure routine medical interventions.

Water Births

Labouring and giving birth in a warm tub has become more acceptable as a way
to cope with pain during labour and delivery of your infant, whether at home or in
hospital. It’s important to decide in advance what tub you’ll be delivering in.

You can use your bathtub if it’s big enough, but most women either buy or rent
a special birthing pool. At TLC Home Birthing Centre the water birth option is in a
Jacuzzi birthing pool with regulated temperatures.

A Midwife Hospital Birth

Having a home-like birth in hospital where you’ll be looked after by the Tender Loving Childbirth midwife throughout labour and birth, although obstetricians are on hand to help if their expertise is needed.

“A Mother’s prayer…

Thank you Lord, for the privilege of having a new life within, Bless this child I have inside, And give me Your Will, as my Guide.”